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MozPoint is a presentation library (of CSS and JS) that can be used to make simple but elegant presentations using the browser as a platform for rendering presentation content. With kiosks mode this can do a pretty decent job.

A lot of the inspiration comes from Rob Ginda's presentation JS magic; and then some from XML based presentations that you might still find on When I started writing this I did start with XML based content only, but it lead to a small problem-- most content would force someone to use a smart browser that could understand styled XML content which restricted the audience to mozilla based browser applications. While being browser-agnostic is not necessarily a goal of this project, for most parts it was not difficult to get this working correctly in the 'other' browser as well. So going forward, I'd like to keep it that way -- till we find an incredibly compelling reason to change it.

Using the content is fairly easy. Take a look at some sample presentations to get an idea of its capabilities. The presentation on "Using MozPoint" is using MozPoint so you can see how it works while learning about how to use it.

A word on where this is headed-- I see this project evolving to a much bigger one. I'd like to see this include an authoring tool, an open collection of presentation styles, effects, etc., and doing a much better job of presenting than the leading competitor :-) which could include things like-- figuring out the right screen resolution, timer controls, speaker notes, etc. We can get there-- one step at a time. Daniel Glazman has done some pretty solid work with Cascades and this clearly shows that this dream is possible.

The mozpoint project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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